Massage Therapy Regulated in PEI

Congrats to our colleagues in PEI as Massage Therapy becomes a Regulated Health Profession in the province!

As exciting as this is for the profession, it also means Massage Therapy is regulated across five provinces. For those keeping track, the five provinces are Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and now Prince Edward Island. Not only is this good news for Canadians’ access to massage therapy as health care, but it’s also an important step for the future of the profession when it comes to collecting HST. We are now at the magic number of regulated provinces what will allow us to advocate for HST exemption.

Now, it’s not time to sound the alarm yet. There’s In fact, the process will likely take several years, but an application can now be made to Canadian Minister of Finance for tax exemption status for Registered Massage Therapy. Still, we’re one step closer and that’s something to celebrate!

RMTs, make sure to support your provincial organization, that’s the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario in this province, by becoming a member. The RMTAO advocates for the profession to the federal government on matters such as these and so much more. Their impact is only as great as our support in numbers allows them to be.

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