Left: Sophi at the very beginning of her career, 2003, at a clinic in Peterborough. Centre: Sophi and Sandra at the time of the clinic sale. Right: Sophi teaching how to wrap gifts without waste at the Toronto Public Library. Photo Source: Toronto Public Library

As you know, I sold the clinic to Sandra back in Feb 2018. As expected, she’s done an incredible job. Since then, I’ve been able to focus more time on my efforts in the area of environmentalism. I’ve been teaching waste reduction workshops for various NGOs, coordinating sustainable events and been featured on CBC’s Marketplace and The Globe and Mail. I am excited to start a part-time contract position with the Toronto Public Library as their Environmentalist in Residence this fall.

With this new endeavour, I have made the difficult decision to retire my career as an RMT to pursue environmental work full time. I have spent 16 years as a massage therapist and enjoyed it immensely. I feel very lucky to shift from one passion to another.

As of September I will only be available on Wednesdays (7:30-1:30pm). My last day will be October 30th. Let me know if you’d like to book an appointment in advance as space is limited.

Not to worry, you can stick with Spring Wellness for continued care as Sandra is a fantastic therapist! I see her for regular treatments myself. She is available 5 days a week including mornings, evenings and Saturdays. She will be looking to hire another RMT but wants to find the right fit so it may take some time.

If your company, school or organization would like to offer a lunch & learn on waste reduction get in touch with me at helloecofriends@gmail.com to discuss further. Should you have a lead on a position within a sustainably-minded company or ENGO, keep me in mind. I am experienced as an outreach and engagement coordinator, program coordinator, event coordinator or client relations.

Thank you for making my first career such a joy!

All the best,
PS-To follow my low waste journey, I’m active @yourecofriend

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