Written by: Courtney Gidge RMT


Taping is a rehabilitative technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of massage therapy treatment.Tape helps lifts the skin, decompressing the layers of fascia, allowing for greater movement of lymphatic fluid and decrease pain.

Typically made from 100% cotton and is latex free, is safe for pediatrics to geriatrics. Tape is usually worn for up to 5 days, has heat activated adhesive and is waterproof.

Therapeutic taping is effective for relief of pain, relax and facilitate muscles, recover from injury, support joints, reduce swelling and contusions and approximate tissues.

Taping can be added to your massage treatment at no extra charge. Courtney is available Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Book online or contact us at info@springwellness.ca or 647.317.1771 for your appointment.

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