1. You can disrobe to whatever level you feel comfortable (once we leave the room) or remain clothed. In either case, you’re under the sheets at all times except for the area being treated.

2. We don’t care if your legs are shaved!

3. Unless you’ve been playing in dirt you don’t have to shower right before your treatment.

4. Pressure is subjective. What one RMT considers deep another may consider light. Speak up if the pressure is too much or too little.

5. You can choose your music with us. You don’t have to listen to that emo music or the bird symphony.

6. If you’re too hot or cold, tell us. We have a table warmer to keep you toasty or can remove the heavy blanket if too warm.

7. Is the lighting too bright? We’ve got an eye pillow or eye mask for that. We also have dimmers.

8. Yes, it’s totally fine for you to fall asleep! You’re body will still respond the same whether you’re awake or not. We’re used to a little snoring and even drool.

9. If you want to talk feel free. We’ll follow your lead

10. We welcome pregnant women! We are all trained to treat expectant mothers. It is completely safe and so great to ease pregnancy symptoms.

11. Tipping is a spa thing. No need to even think about it with us. We’d rather you put that money towards another session for yourself.

The main thing is to always communicate any questions or concerns you have with your therapist. We are here to help and get you feeling better:)

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